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*Note: Opinions and ideas expressed in postings on are soley those of the poster.
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Date: 2006-05-02 21:20:29
First name:
Number of calls made to support: 25
Minutes of life wasted: 300
Final level of frustration: 9 (10 is bad)
Description:After one whole day of getting mislead and incompetent customer service I cancelled my service. The service was awful and I kept getting misled by incompetent service personal. When I went to cancel my service I was told there was two more items to be changed to fix my service. After spending hours on the phone in 2 days I decided to cancel my service at that time and order good old fashioned POTS Service.

Date: 2006-05-02 13:57:27
First name:
Number of calls made to support: 20
Minutes of life wasted: 60
Final level of frustration: 8 (10 is bad)
Description:Ordered it. Can't make it work via Comcast, sent it back within 30 days, got charged the cancellation fee they're not supposed to charge within 30 days. Called about 20 times trying to get someone who speaks English. I'll try the BBB instead - Vonage really sucks. (Cute website - thanks!)

Date: 2006-05-02 09:13:37
First name:
Number of calls made to support: 20+
Minutes of life wasted: 900
Final level of frustration: 10 (10 is bad)
Description:I consider myself to be a very reasonable person, but Vonage drove me to cursing and screaming like a lunatic. I purchased a phone adapter locally on November 17, 2005. About 50% of my calls would go through so technical support advised me to get a new adapter, which I did. (Of course, I went through many problems getting to that point.) I called back after installing the new adapter and once I finally reached a person I said, "I just installed a new adapter as instructed and I need you to register my new MAC address." After 15 more minutes of following his problem-determination script, the Vonage guy exclaimed, "UH, you switched your adapter!!! Of course it's not going to work." The new adapter provided no relief, so I tried to cancel service. I 'll skip the ugly details, but service was finally cut off on February 27th. In the meantime, I am still getting the run-around on a rebate for the phone adapter. As it stands, Vonage instists that service was cut off on January 25th. It is true I talked to them on that day and tried to have service disconnected. But here's the kicker, they are refusing to give me my rebate because I needed service for 60 days. You know... November 17th until January 25th is just over 30 days!!! Good Grief. I explained that this period was longer than 60 days and the Vonage dude said, "everyone makes mistakes, you need to learn how to admit your's." This is just a SMALL sample of the reasons that VONAGE SUCKS. I could give more examples but the 20+ hours I've spent on the phone with them would take too long to cover. The part about this that cracks me up is that I am a network architect and only tried Vonage because I had two mid-size companies asking me to help them install VoIP along with their data network and they were insisting on using Vonage. I just had to try them before I allowed my clients to use their service. -Update- I have spoken with the Executive Reponse team three times and still no rebate. I was told that the rebate team pretty much always rejects every claim at least once after it is sent down from the CEO's office. Now they may process it in two days. Notice that it is now May 2nd and I submitted a complete and proper request on November 17th.

Date: 2006-04-25 22:07:32
First name:
Number of calls made to support: 12
Minutes of life wasted: 250
Final level of frustration: 6 (10 is bad)
Description:After weeks and weeks and weeks of calling and calling and calling they never got my number ported over. You gotta be kidding me.

Date: 2006-04-25 22:10:12
First name:
Number of calls made to support: 3
Minutes of life wasted: 350
Final level of frustration: 10 (10 is bad)
Description:Where do I start? The skinny is I was told to mail back my piece of crap WiFi handset for a refund because it was under a 30-day money back guarentee. Several weeks after I mailed it back I called and they informed me that they weren't going to give me the refund because it was not allowable under there terms of service. This after I was told that I could return it from the person I ordered it from and the person I cancelled my service with.

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*Note: Opinions and ideas expressed in postings on are soley those of the poster.